Chaos's Eye

Everything was going right. A new power was rising and this flag was everyones!!

In 1937, in the trip of AD-4 to Facility-001, AD-4 got assassinated by 2 Zeta-X's and a researcher employee causing AD-4 to get critically wounded. After that, "Emergency Procedure" was activated in Facility-001 and 3 suspects were caught. 3 suspects have been put up to a rough interrogation but they were determined to not give any information. Because of that, the institution has decided to torture them using █████████, ████████ and ███████ methods. 2 of the suspects couldn't resist the torture methods and died. The last suspect couldn't resist the torture methods too but he deciphered all the info and got executed.

The institution has continued on their researches on this small group and the data was stored in Facility-██ with its copy. In 1939, this small group started to call them "The Eye of Chaos". In places that are poor in the economy and being ruled with authoritarianism, they target children and adults to put in their group and that, makes these places stay weak and in the war which makes them have even more authority around the world and on the trading market.

In 1947, with being the part of an operation that looks like routine stepped, "The Eye of Chaos" took some RSC objects out of the institution and put all of their employees that are now suspects in safe and hidden places. On the same day, other unplanned raids were made to other facilities too. "The Eye of Chaos", stole RSC objects that have military and scientific potential. This raid also made the institution to have big suffer losses. This situation struck the AD Council with fear and consternation. The institution declared war against "The Eye of Chaos". After the war that lasted until 1951, "The Eye of Chaos" was slowly losing its power. Later on, they started to lose locations, capitals and RSC objects they had slowly. The attempts of capturing and assassinating "The Eye of Chaos" employees were successful.

In 1952, "The Eye of Chaos" was seemed to be destroyed but it wasn't destroyed totally. In 1960, a group called "Demolition Forces" was created. It was being controlled by 3 Kerberus's. This group was created by people that were once employees of other groups that were in war with other groups. For short, it was the new "The Eye of Chaos". Their purpose was same with "The Eye of Chaos". They mostly tried to block other groups operations and steal anomaly objects.

"Demolition Forces" has succesfully incorporated big and small terror groups to its fold around the globe. "Demolition Forces" also gets 55% of all the gain around the black market. Rest of 45% of all is being used to buy first aid kits, provisions etc. to poor places. Most of the time, they send agents to other organizations. Thats why every employee in the institution has to have information about Demolition Forces.

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