Storage procedures: RSC-003 is located in a forest called █████. Therefore, Facility-003 has been built specifically for its storage, and only Investigators, security units and authorized personnel can be found at Facility-003. Facility-003 and its surroundings are completely isolated from civilians, but civilians are prohibited from entering the area. If any civilian approaches or enters Facility-003, Class C forget medicine will be given, many cameras outside facility-003 must monitor the activities of RSC-003 and personnel at Facility-3 must notify the authorized personnel if RSC-003 undergoes any changes.

Any breach of information (infiltration into the media, etc.) in case all information in the media should be removed.

Description: RSC-003 is a time anomaly located in the wooded area of █████, RSC-003 covers a specific area and the perception of time stops completely after this area is passed. Although objects and matter can move, the sky remains the same, the effect RSC-003 makes on the sky resembles the sunset. The anomalous characteristics and nature of RSC-003 are still not fully understood, although there is no cause affecting RSC-003, RSC-003 continues its activities. The activities of RSC-003 have not caused any damage so far, but some personnel has expressed discomfort.

Extra-1: since the institution was concerned that RSC-003 was an area covered in the sky, drones and aerial vehicles scanned the area where RSC-003 was located, it was reported that RSC-003 was operating only 380 meters above the ground.

Extra-2: RSC-003's domain was examined, undetectable objects were detected on many celestial bodies, and although the bodies were looked at closely, the bodies were in no way fully observed.

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