Storage procedures: RSC-004 must be stored in a room of 16x16 meters, RSC-004 must be serviced five days a week, RSC-004 must be watered every day towards evening.
RSC-004 needs well-drained soil and generally requires sandy soils, so the pH of the soil for RSC-004 should be between 6-7. If the soil is alkaline, sulfur should be used to lower the PH and the room where RSC-004 is present has to be moist.

Description: While the abnormal nature of RSC-004 is not entirely known, the structure of RSC-004 is apparently a banana tree, but the structure of RSC-004 is completely different. The structure of RSC-004 is unlike any organic organism in the world, and however, the structure of the fruits given by RSC-004 is different from that of a banana. The bark of many fruits from RSC-004 resembles a banana, but the bark of RSC-004-A's1 all contains many fruits or materials, many of which contain berries, apples and such. No vegetables have been produced from RSC-004-A until now.

Meat products from RSC-004-A have also been observed to occur. Subjects ate the products of RSC-004-A and did not experience any effects, and materials from RSC-004-A were also observed, liquid glue, metal, brick. How such substances came about is still unsolved.

Experiments Of RSC-004

ID: 00-00-02

Object: RSC-004-3
Date: ██/██/19██
Result: The fruit that came out from RSC-004 contained completely water, as soon as the banana was peeled, water was poured and the experiment ended.

Object: RSC-004-18
Date: ██/██/20██
Result: The fruit from RSC-004 was strawberry, the subject ate the product and stated that there was nothing abnormal.

Object: RSC-004-12
Date: ██/██/19██
Result: The fruit from RSC-004 started burning as soon as it came out. Personnels put out the fire before it started, and the material that came out as a result of detailed investigations turned out to be lava.

Object: RSC-004-5
Date: ██/██/████
Result: The fruit from RSC-004 was pork sausage, the subject ate it and stated that he was not feeling well. Three hours later, the subject died, and after an autopsy, it became clear that the subject was a maggot and ate his organs, but no remains from RSC-004-5 were found.

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