Discovery: ██/██/19██, Dr.█████ found in his office, no information on how it was brought in.

Storage Procedures: RSC-005 is located in Dr.█████'s office at facility-012, the RSC-005 box cannot be opened, but can be released under supervision at certain times, RSC-005 cannot leave the facility, contact with civilians is strictly prohibited.

RSC-005 must be repaired in case of any failure all repairs must be recorded as notes by the personnel.

Description: the RSC-005 is a toy, its exterior appearance is the same as that of a normal toy robot, IQ tests have been observed to show successful results in many toys themselves, the RSC-005 resembles an adult male with one voice, the capabilities of the RSC-005 have been shown to be exactly the same as other toys. There is no information about the mechanism of the abnormal factor found.

RSC-005 often mentions that it is the only one, pointing out that it does not usually know how it was made, saying that it has been since it was made. He does not respond when asked for detailed information.

The special requests of Rsc-005 are as follows.

-A little television (Approved)
- Dollhouse (Approved)

Additional Document-I:
ID: 00-00-03

DTF crews arrested staff at the RSC-005's production company. They were released after being questioned. New information has been found on the company.


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