Storage Procedures: The RSC-007 has been secured after its operation in the ██/09/2013. RSC-007 must be stored in a large room in Sector B at Facility-044, and personnel must wear protective clothing to protect themselves from the effects of RSC-007. The observation location of the RSC-007's room was designed towards the front of the RSC-007. This made communication with RSC-007 even easier.

Description: The RSC-007 is a 40 metre long and 20-metre wide observation airship dating from the 1900s. While the nature of RSC-007 is unknown, no information has been found on where it was made, the effects created by RSC-007 are harmful. For this reason, people are prohibited from direct contact with RSC-007, and not all of the effects of RSC-007 cause direct death. The effects of RSC-007 are only on the human body, and the bodies of those who fall under the influence of RSC-007 undergo a cutting similar to knife cutting. There is no information on how RSC-007 makes such effects.

During the period before RSC-007 in 2013 (when it was not secured), RSC-007 was contacted over the radio in the 1980s. AD management has been notified and contact Dr Anthony was brought in.

RSC-007 Communication document
██/10/1978 İnterview of Dr.Anthony and RSC-007.
ID: 00-00-04

(The interview begins)

Dr. Anthony: Hello, is anyone there?

RSC-007: (Meaningless sounds)

Dr. Anthony: My Name Is Dr Anthony, I've been sent by RSC. İntrod-

RSC-007: You are one of them?

Dr. Anthony: Who are you talking about?

RSC-007: Warriors, soldiers…

Dr. Anthony: I'm not a soldier, I'm just a researcher, you don't have to worry.

RSC-007: Why is your nature unclear?

Dr. Anthony: Our nature?

RSC-007: You're just fighting and using us.

Dr. Anthony: Now that the wars you thought were over, humanity is no longer in a global war.

RSC-007: Liar…

Signal cut.

End of the interview.

The RSC-007 was never interviewed in any way after that, now the RSC-007 has lost many of its influence away from all activities (except its influence against humans).

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