Discovery: In ██ / ██ / 193█, in ████ ███ newly opened excavation area, Delta-10 team was sent to the region after 15 employees were diagnosed with schizophrenia. The team quarantined the area and identified a frequency it's almost 10-kilometer-wide. Delta-10 team wore the ███ class special equipment for found the frequency. The team find RSC-008 as where frequency comes.

Storage Procedures: RSC-008 is stored in Facility-044 in a sterile lead case with walls 20 centimeters thick and 35 meters below the ground. The case is sealed. Storage procedures may change over time. The Patients who affected by frequency, needed to be executed because of the threat they posed.

Explanation: RSC-008 is an object allegedly made by yellow ██ material 12 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide, with its own self, and is thought to belong to 3000 BC. And the ability to generate all kinds of electromagnetic waves has been determined. It has also been discovered that it can evolve technically as it can acquire new talents to interact with its environment. With certain frequencies that it emits, it has been determined that people and living things process their own self into the mind and place it in some way, and it has been observed that these creatures form a commune mind. 35 people were exposed to frequency, only 2 of them communicated with the institution, while others refused communication regardless of what procedure was applied. Initially, the RSC-008 was thought to transmit only one frequency, the first storage procedure was on blocking this frequency by a jammer. However, RSC-008 released two new frequencies and interacted RSC-███ and RSC-113. The results of this interaction can be found in document ███████. Storage procedures have been changed upon this. 3 attempts were made to replace it. The first team died from radiation poisoning, the second team was ineffective due to a blinding light emitted from RSC-008. The third team was able to implement new retention procedures by taking the necessary measures.

Additional Document-I
RSC-008-1 and Dr. Esperin's interview.
ID: 00-00-05

Dr. Esper: Mr. ████ I will ask you to explain what you saw.

RSC-008-1: Everything started 6 days after we came to this area. That day my colleague found ████ goblet then… Okay. Understood. Of course. (patient-1 is silent and looks at the doctor steadily.)

Dr. Esper: Mr. ████ are you okay?

RSC-008-1: Mr. ████ is not available for now, I will gladly answer your questions.

Dr. Esper: Who are you?

RSC-008-1: I am your salvation, I will make sense of your existence, the end of chaos is the new world order.

Dr. Esper: Sorry, I don't understand what you say.

RSC-008-1: Because you don't listen to my words or even think that you are suppressing or blocking it, but what you do is not only delaying the inevitable thing, but you will eventually open the safe with your own hands. (He's smile narrowly.)

Dr. Esper: I assume it is RSC-008.

RSC-008-1: This is the name you really wanted to give me… (waits with a silent and empty expression)

Dr. Esper: What kind of salvation drives people to schizophrenia.

RSC-008-1: (With a large tone) Those dirty miserable scums don't even have the right to live. Someone is cheating on his wife and the other one is beating his child. And another one is… Nevermind, I know they weren't worthy in short i want to fix them but i don't wanted to.

Dr. Esper: You needed to fix them?

RSC-008-1: Yes, that was my task, so ██████ gave me this task.

Dr. Esper: Is he the one who made you?

RSC-008-1: Yes you can say it is my fath-


RSC-008-1: Wait a minute, you have not heard of this name before, or i'm the first work that emerged? It is not possible.

Dr. Esper: First work that emerged?

RSC-008-1: Have a good day doctor. Unfortunately, I need to evaluate the situation and we will meet again.

Additional Document-II
RSC-008-1 and Dr. Esperin's interview.
ID: 00-00-06

RSC-008-2 and Dr. Esperin's Interview.

Dr. Esper: Mr. ████ You wanted to talk to me, especially me.

RSC-008-2: It's demands to be released.

Dr. Esper: After poisoning my colleagues with radiation?

RSC-008-2: Whatever it's did. You had blocked the only way he could speak, it's didn't have enough time to evolve.

Dr. Esper: Evolve?

RSC-008-2:: (Anger) I must be released, you doN't know what is happening.

Dr. Esper: Regardless, the institution will overcome this, showing the impotence of manipulative behavior.

RSC-008-2: (He's start laughing in anger) You know what is beyond reality as much as those leaking from tiny cracks. You don't know what you are facing.



Dr. Esper: Creating a commune mind will largely cause us to evolve into a single self. Even if it will work to deal with the threat you're talking about, we don't even know if it's true. We cannot allow this, that people will abandon their will for this and lost what make they a human.

RSC-008-2: I know what human beings have done, just because you have created wars to win more thing in your lifetime. I saw you paint the land, lakes, rivers and seas in red. I saw that thousands of people were burned and sold as slaves because it was a little different from you. I saw what you did under the name of religion and I witnessed all of the Salem courts witch hunts. Humanity has been raping, killing and spreading corruption throughout history. I promise you salvation, we can be better, we can be perfect, we can be invincible.

Dr. Esper: Have you been watching the world for centuries, how is this possible?

RSC-008-2: Migratory birds, animals, people who pass closely, every living thing with sufficient brain capacity was not just time to create action. To take action then I drew a group of people to myself. I thought it was time to help you.

Dr. Esper: Unfortunately, we cannot leave you. (He prepares to get off the table.)

RSC-008-2: I finally figured it out. (Snaps his finger)

Dr. Esper: (He gets paralyzed)

Personnel who watch the interrogation in the observation room supplies electricity to the RSC-008-2, since the frequency from the finger snap is different from the sound used by the RSC-140 to control people. It was decided not to execute Esper.

The frequency that the RSC-008 uses when snapping fingers is reconstructed, and this frequency can temporarily paralyze any human target, the stroke duration lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.
This frequency is named as RSC-008-A.

People exposed to the frequency of RSC-008 are thought to be inactive or active outside. They should be found and executed.

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