Containment Procedure: All factors that can activate RSC-035 are completely prohibited; personnel should not be close to 6-10 meters when observing RSC-035. If the RSC-035 is activated for any reason, personnel should move away from the area. When the RSC-035 stops operating, personnel can come back to the RSC-035's containment area. (Standby time may vary between 2 hours.) The presence of any civilian around the RSC-035 is strictly prohibited, and civilians should be taken out of the area of activity of the RSC-035 immediately.

Description:RSC-035 is a ferris wheel in an abandoned amusement park, although the RSC-035 is rusted and damaged, but still looks intact. The abnormal nature of the RSC-035 varies entirely depending on external factors. RSC-035 can be activated via touching etc. RSC-035 starts to rotate without electricity like a normal ferris wheel. Rotation is the rotational speed of a normal ferris wheel during the first 2 minutes. After 6 minutes it starts to accelerate and this acceleration does not harm the structure of RSC-035. After 7 minutes, many sounds starts to come from the ferris wheel that cannot be detected from the RSC-035, and after the sounds, the RSC-035 starts to throw many sharp metals around. The speed of the metals is equal to the speed of a bullet, and this activity lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes, then the RSC-035 slows down completely and the activity is finished.

People near the activity of the RSC-035 begin to turn around the RSC-035 as a result of the force created around (Speed ​​could not be measured), but it was observed that all the bodies of the people who were in the area were disintegrated due to the force, so that the RSC-035 should not be close to any personnel during its activation.


All activities to stop RSC-035 have resulted in failure, after which the activity of RSC-035 could not be stopped in any way.

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