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Anomaly Type: Humanoid Anomaly

Discovery: Anomaly was found deep in the woods near the Park [DELETED] by mobile group after abnormal activity at night 15/07/20XX. Anomaly was wearing a regular robe for mentally ill people with a large belt of the rear which was 2 pouches. Was armed with a Remington shotgun but did not show aggression towards the task force. On the subject were many kinds of wounds, including gunshots and lacerated wounds of different depths. The face was wrapped in bandages and was seen glowing orange eye. The subject was provided with medical care and was taken to the Facility-██.

Containment Procedures: On Facility-██, RSC-060 must be kept in standard room for humanoid beings with bed, one (1) table with chair and sink with mirror. For security, was installed camera inside the containment room and 2 guards must patrol the room outside.

Description: RSC-060 is a humanoid 1.8 meters tall, with glowing orange eye, has sharpened teeth and scar on right eye. The subject’s skin has became black due to the impact of damaging factors of different degrees and types. Despite this, subject has the ability to resist any kind of damage and to regeneration.

After a series of tests, it was found that the subject is able to live without food, water and air more than an ordinary person (Without food - more than a year, without water - 118 days, without air - 84 hours.). During the interrogation, anomaly showed interest to the organization and asked questions about it, also he said he doesn't remember what happened the night he was found. He told that he did not remember his past and how old he is, but about more than 20 years.

Interview made with RSC-060 on ██/██/██:

Dr. ███:(enters the room) Hello, RSC-060, hope you feel better than yesterday. I came here to ask some questions, if you mind.

RSC-060: I do.

Dr.███:(silents) Ehh… What’s with wrong the..?

RSC-060:(interrupted) I'm joking mate, just start with your questions. And if you can, please call me Den. That would be better for me and you.

Dr.███: Oh okay then. What you were doing last night?

RSC-060: No clue.

Dr.███: What do you mean “no clue”?

RSC-060:I mean, that I don’t even remember what was going on last night. I don’t even remember where I live, what happened with me and why the heck I was in robe for mental ill people. If you got some sort of that questions, sorry, I can’t answer them because of my faded memory.

Dr.███:Okay then, what do you remember?

RSC-060: I remember how I woke up in the cave tunnels, then how I was looking for the exit, then I finally found the way out and then how I just tried to make some food. Then your agents or soldiers came here and took me.

Dr.███: Alright Den, where did you get the shotgun?

RSC-060: I found it lying near me when I woke up. I checked it and it had some ammo in it.

Dr.███: Okay, how old are you Den?

RSC-060: (exhaled)…Do I look like I’m five?

Dr.███: No…Just answer the question.

RSC-060: I don’t remember, but I bet I am more than 20.

Dr.███: Then how do you remember your name?

RSC-060: I don’t remember it, but I found it. When I was getting out from the cave, I found the note with favor: "Den, please be careful there. I know that's maybe our last time when see each other, and I know that suicidal for you to go there and buy some time for us, and I thank you for that…”

Dr.███: Ah yes, we found that note in your pouches. Okay, I’ll record it, just one moment.

Dr.███: (writing the note)…

RSC-060: And yea, just in case, if I remember something about my past and that night I’ll let you know, okay?

Dr.███: That would be great.

RSC-060: And write in your note that I wish to cooperate with you. And without any weird nonsense about that I'm mentally ill or something like that. I'm not a murder or a psycho that wishes to rip of your head and put out your guts.

RSC-060's requests are given below:

  • Pack of clean paper, pencils (Black and colored), pack of brushes and paints - Request accepted.
  • A personal Cup - Request accepted.
  • Access to cafeteria, rest room and personal uniform - Request denied.
  • Duck tape, scissors and a thick notebook - Request accepted.
  • No fried liver in the diet (Seriously, I don't have anything bad against your kitchen, but livers makes me sick.) - Request accepted.
  • Laptop with access to internet - Request accepted, internet activity is monitored.
  • Request for cooperation with the RSC and access to generally accessible premises - Request under consideration.

Additional note-I:
Despite his not very friendly and even a terrible look, he behave peacefully and quietly. Voice yes, ghastly, but that do about it. Still, I think we should continue on asking him. – Dr.███

Additional note-II:
Even if he's lying, it can be done on a lie detector, but the only question is, does he have a pulse?-Researcher– Dr.██████

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