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Anomaly Type: Reality/Dimension moving anomaly

Discovery: On 20/06/201X cameras on the streets of the London was found how man appeared from nowhere, holding RSC-061. The identity was established as Carl Tomkins and soon, subject was detained by agents of the organization. During the interrogation, subject said that he found it while was climbing on Ben Nevis mountain, and during the climb, he noticed a hand sticking out of the mountain with a clock.

Description: RSC-061 is a gold plated watch with chain. On the clock face is visible mark "Voltronic Inc" and inside the lid are visible words “To the infinity! - Mr.Voltron”. Clock hands are always at 12 and any attempts to start it led to failure. The clock face is no different from an ordinary watch, except for one detail - a small light bulb under the mark. Attempts to find out what the watch is made of led to failure, as the composition of the watch is an alloy of unknown metals, which makes the watch durable and not susceptible to damage.

RSC-061 Tests

Test 1:
Task: - Find out how clock works.
The subject started to press the button beside the holder of the chain – Nothing happened.
The subject held the button for 2 seconds - The hands of the clock began to accelerate and spin at high speed. The subject disappeared and reappeared near the test area after 12 hours.
Result - Subject said he appeared in a forest where there were many different species of birds, but after he appeared, he noticed that some of his clothes were stuck in a tree. After that, the clock stopped at 12 and started going like a normal clock, counting down the seconds in real time, and light bulb was off. After he waited 12 hours, the hands stopped again at 12, and the light bulb turned green.
Task completed.

[Additional Note -1]
It was horrible! I was sitting in the room, doing stuff you know, and then this happened! [INSULT DELETED], my heart almost stopped after such a surprise! And his screams, Jesus Christ!–Dr.██████

[Additional Note -2]
I understand our colleagues, but for the first time we have the opportunity to study not only anomalous objects in our world, but also in other universes! Of course, we can’t rely on a common human, even the most experienced and trained employee, because the loss of such a thing is unacceptable! What I'm getting at is that we recently got an RSC-060. Why don't we use him in our tests? With his characteristics, the chance of failure is minimal. And we've studied RSC-061 pretty well and we know how to use it. I will apply application about the resumption of tests, but with the participation of RSC-060. - Dr.Greg

Additional File-I:
Tests made on RSC-061 with RSC-060.

[Test log №03-01: RSC-061 and RSC-060]
[Note-1: Each of the visited universe will be marked by its name with a number, the first letter will indicate the class of danger of the world, then there will be a number (example: L-008, decoding: Lambda-008). Changes in tests also will be indicated. RSC-060 was instructed, was given a flashlight and a tracker was introduced to track the location and health status. ]
The list of universes will be expanded in the future as testing progresses.

[ E-001 ]
(Return – After 12 hours, without problems.)
Subject appeared in the forest, in the sky was seen a different number of species of birds, including unknown to our world. Subject sat down near one tree and began to consider the view of the sky, counting the number of birds. Subject counted about 14,503 birds different kinds.

[ E-032 ]
(Return – After 12 hours, was found via tracker.)
The subject appeared in a city similar to New York but the whole world was dark white. The subject himself did not change color, which attracted the attention of others. Soon, the object was detained by agents of the foundation, but was soon forced to resist as there was a threat of losing the clocks. Subject spent most of his time hiding in doorways and basements.
(No requests.)

[ L-008 ]
(Return – After 17 hours.)
The subject appeared in a complex similar to Facility-XX, but it was under the control of another organization. The first thing subject noticed was the turned on alarm and the red light - there was a breakthrough in containment. The subject tried to find a way out, but eventually found employees of the organization. Subject tried to calm them down and explained that he was from another universe. After that, the subject stayed close to the scientific staff. After finding a safe place, he began to talk about himself and the organization of the RSC. The conversation was interrupted by a security officer who considered the RSC-060 as a threat to the staff and opened fire. RSC-060 attacked the guard and bit his throat. RSC-060 took the walkie-talkie, a gun and a bulletproof vest from the guard. Before leaving, he apologized for what he had done and went in search of a place to hide, simultaneously studying the complex. The complex belonged to the organization SCP. Apparently, RSC and SCP have changed places in that world.
On RSC-060 return, subject was found in the server room with gunshot wounds on arms, torso and head. Vital signs were showed as "Decent". The subject was provided with medical care.
( Requests- Light ballistic armor – Request denied as the subject have survived 22 bullets.)

[ E-012 ]
(Return – After 12 hours, without problems.)
The subject appeared in a room of large size, many rows of office computers with people, working on them. People's faces were sewn up, including eyes, mouth and ears. Each table was identical to the other, next to the table was a poster "Work is the key to life!".
Subject decided to not disturb them and sat down in the middle of the space between the two rows.
( Requests- A book to “kill some time in other world” - Request approved.)

[ E-014 ]
(Return – After 12 hours.)
Subject was in a dark room. Flashlight gave nothing – room was completely dark, the room did not have doors, windows and furniture. In the dark environment, it was also very quiet that subject could hear his heartbeat. The air in the room either was not, or was too little to breathe normally. Subject started searching the room for walls, but couldn't do it because it took him 4 hours to get to one wall. Then he sat on the floor and started reading a book with a flashlight. After another 2 hours, the subject began to hear noise and voices, and began to see figures in the dark, from humans to huge monsters.
Subject had been experiencing sleeplessness for a week.
( Requests - Night lamp - Request approved.)

[ S - 045 ]
(Return – After 36 hours.)
Subject appeared in an abandoned city. The city looked ruined - the buildings were partially destroyed, the abandoned machinery was all rusty and warped, and the moon was visible in the sky, but it was closer to the planet and gave off a purple hue. The subject was seized with a sense of fear due to a strong sense of deja vu. A few minutes later he saw a crowd of people standing next to the building with a hole. Most of them were in a terrible state, and their faces were twisted and blackened, and their eyes shone with purple color. Later, the subject climbed on the roof of a building and tried to survive until the clocks will be ready. But in the end he was forced to leave the roof, as he was noticed. The chase began, in which he managed to escape to the former military checkpoint. There were no survivors, but there were infected soldiers. The subject fend off the wave of infected with a mounted machine gun. After that, subject began to inspect the checkpoint, later he found a fire axe inserted into one of the infected and medical kit. After 5 hours, a wave of infected again came to the checkpoint. After 12 minutes, once subject had dealt with the wave, was seen "alpha" infected, high creature, with wool, 4 eyes and sharp claws on the limbs. Subject pointed a machine gun and opened fire at the “alpha”, but it didn't do the job. In a panic, RSC-060 ran towards the roads, but alpha managed to catch and injure the subject.
Subject was found in the conference room, with multiple deep wounds, broken shoulder, and bleeding. Vital signs were critical.
[ Subject is in the medical bay. Further tests frozen until RSC-060 is not fully restored. ]

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