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Lambda Sarı_Seviye
Anomaly Type: Robotic Anomaly

Discovery:The anomaly was found by a tracking program. On ██/██/19██ system had detected a leak of information at ███████. At once the DTF’s was sent for detention of the suspect but the subject prevailed with the mobile group and escaped. After 2 weeks, the subject was caught using an EMP trap and was taken to the Facility- ██.

Containment Procedures: Near the chamber should be an always working signal jammer with a radius of 30 meters. The lock must consist of a mechanical part. 4 guards must patrol the area, changing each other every 12 hours. 1 camera in the chamber and 2 outside the chamber must record all activity on disc.

Description: RSC-102 is an 1.9 meters high robot. The composition of metal, power unit and other components could not be found out. RSC-102 Has been built by Manhattan robotics. (Symbol on the back) Subject is resistant to many hazards but vulnerable to electrical damage higher than 1200 volts.

The anomaly is unable to speak. Instead, it is capable of producing recorded phrases and sounds for better understanding. Able to handle any kind of weapon, including melee weapons and heavy. The Anomaly was also seen in banks robberies in which none of them had civilian casualties. The anomaly is wary (even kindly) to unarmed people, but cruel to the armed and aggressive people to them.

The RSC-102 was a collector class machine at Manhattan Robotics, and was responsible for many bank robberies or assassinations in time. The institution hid these events with lies. The RSC-102 is thought to be acting in a way lacking its current duties and has not yet attacked any test subjects nor personnel.

Additional File-I:
RSC-102 is wearing a hat and a few gentleman clothes. He has not yet answered the questions asked about these clothes.

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