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Lambda Yeşil_Seviye

Anomaly Type: Object Anomaly

Discovery: In 200█ the anomaly object has been found on the ██████ Mountain by a group of mountaineer’s and this event was reflected to media. Because of this event, The RSC Institution went back in time using RSC-███ before the mountaineer’s found the anomaly and transferred it to Facility-105. When this device was seized, several video cassettes were found in the bunker. Although all of these cassettes were broken, but one of them was found to work properly. No other living form was found in the shelter.

Containment Procedures: RSC-203 must be kept under surveillance at all times on Sector -3’s bunker. If unauthorized personnel attempts to enter the shelter, they will be executed by Zeta-X personnel. The bunker must be reinforced with steel, iron and lead, and the RSC-203 must be kept in a hermetically sealed glass box of less than 10 centimeters (4 inches) thick. Only people with Level-3 authorization and a permission from RSC-IYK1can access RSC-203. For any test, the doors should always be locked three (3) times when the personnel enters the bunker. In addition, the guards should remain outside at all times and should not be in the storage room under any circumstances. In addition, the guards should remain outside at all times and should not be inside the bunker under any circumstances.

Description: The RSC-203 is a type of head-mounted device. It has been found that by wearing the device to the head, the person wearing it can create any object that is not alive but completely desired. How this device works remains unexplained, and research is still ongoing. It is also contemplated that this device may be useful for the institution.

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