The Enalsifa Order

Humanity always asked throughout their lives : "Who is protecting us? Who created us? Is the world safe?" They said it is "God". But is it really? Or is the answer hidden in the underworld?
Throughout the human lives, God was indispensable. Humanity answered unknown questions using "God". Did they get an answer? Of course not. When humanity placed a wall between them and dogma consideration, philosophy was born. It was the beginning of civilization. For the first time, scientific questions were asked and answered. For short, religion was managing people back then. That's why I lost my faith. But one day, a question came to my mind. "Who is protecting us?". The answer was the anomaly that I researched for years, RSC-001. The World's Enalsifa was protecting us. Not only for the time of humanity. He was here all along. Even when there was no life. It always protected and watched us. Enalsifa's are nor only protecting our world. They are protecting the universe. They are everywhere. But still, we couldn't recognize how valuable they are. We identified them as monsters. That's why this order said, "If they are protecting us, we are going to protect them too". We are going to explore Enalsifa's, we are going to spread our philosophical ideas and of course protect them.
For short;

We believe, protect and obey.

- -Markov Lieman,

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