Manhattan Robotics

Manhattan Robotics is known for having its advanced artificial intelligence robots, beyond normal products and robots that are made with unknown materials that gained its own will. Manhattan Robotics was first known in 1992 by the RSC Institution. For now, 25 employees have been caught and put up to a rough interrogation before being sent to cells in Facility-109. Facility-109 is the Manhattan Robotics research facility. Purposes of the interrogations are hidden by the institution. "Mr. Wallace" is the manager of Manhattan Robotics. He is still missing. Information about "Mr. Wallace" is still undisclosed.

The company has nearly 300 robots in its system. As technological products, they have 135 robots, 345 unknown objects, 456 thousands of dollars and 2 tons of robotic materials that are used in making robots. In past years, it was exposed that Manhattan Robotics was selling advanced [Data Hidden] to the enemy of the institution, Demolition Forces. That's the reason every Manhattan Robotics employee has to be interrogated. As a result of these interrogations, most of the employees don't know the substance that the robots are made from but, some told that they use newly discovered [Data Hidden] and [Data Hidden] that was known to be rare. The workplace of Manhattan Robotics is still unknown. There is only the information that its first workplace was in Colombia, [Data Hidden].

A Manhattan Robotics employee was caught while trying to go to America and from there to Mexico in 2002. A document that was necessary for these procedures (There is only a small part of the document because it was containing information about the company).

It is considered that rest pf the employees dispersed using the same way

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