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Object Class:Unknown


Picture of the anomaly, founded on portable device of Agent Mark Daniel.

Anomaly Type: Unknown Anomaly

Discovery:The existence of this anomaly has not been confirmed yet. Awaiting further information. The first information about the object was obtained from RSC-060 and 2 agents, after visiting [DATA DELETED], at 10/08/20XX. Both agents were marked as MIA, but after arriving group DELTA-8, on the portable device of one lost agent was found the picture of the object. At the moment there is a monitoring of all possible places of appearance of the object.

Description: At the moment, it is impossible to describe the object. Presumably, this creature, 1.7 to 1.9 meters tall, has 4 purple eyes: 1 large left and 3 small eyes on the right side, has a fur in white and gray colors. Whether this object is hostile or not is unknown, but we ask everyone to be extremely careful when contacting.

[AUTHOR'S MARK, IMPORTANT!!: This object is marked as "joke" for several reasons. But the main on is that it's not an original idea, this idea belongs to a person, named as "Rachjumper". I decided to put it here, because is an interesting and mysterious object I've ever seen. I don't think that somebody will see it, and probably it won't be changed because to keep it as a mysterious story, that nobody know for sure.]

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